Another Friday\Rain

Another Friday has come and its alway time for me to evaluate my ride time this weekend. Its a bit of good and bad. The weather looks to turn much better. Sun and warm temps both weekend days. Looking forward to that.

Wet trails….

But its sale weekend at Trek stores so Saturdays ride will once again be a short one and thats kinda OK as it should be the maiden voyage on the new Boone. I usually forget to tweek something and a new bike build so the only way to find it fast is ride it and see what falls off. No… its not that bad. But I do measure it up before I ride it but their seems to always be something pertaining to fit that I need to tweek a bit. Just a little.

So Saturday I hope to be busy after an hour ride.

Sunday looks to be the better of the two days and will be my purpose in life to get a three hour ride in.

Come Monday\Tuesday you will get all the pics of the Boone 1X11 road bike. And maybe first impressions too.

Yesterdays and last nites storms have put the MTB trail off another week at least. Mild flooding.

Ive been thinking if I should even get a MTB this summer. In the long run I will I think but maybe I’ll get that new Trek 920 touring bike first. I could bank on getting the first wave of those new Farleys in Sept. That would be just fine by me for a MTB. But Im not sure I can go all the way to Sept before I do woods. Now that I type it out loud its does sound like a bad idea to wait. I guess I’ll wait a bit to decide if Im going to wait.

Have a good weekend.


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