Its a fairly gloomy day.  Today and tomorrow too. But the weekend seems fairly glorious. So I will mentally skip over the next two days.

First look. Farley 9.8 carbon frame\rims….

Big new this morning from Trek. All new Farleys for 2015. Carbon and 4.8in tires galore. I have pre ordered 12 bikes so I don’t get caught short like last year. And of course I have the high end carbon bike set to demo….

The fat bike stuff is being developed so fast.

The bike has carbon rims too. And, get this… 27.5 tire \rim.

27.5 by 4. Which comes out to a 29 plus diameter. That, my friends, sounds pretty damn fast on the groomed trails.

But you and I will have to wait until September. And yes, when I get this bike I will put a Bluto on it. And yes, I will go 29 plus before it snows. Just something to look forward to I guess.

I have a new bike upstairs that need some attention before the weekend. Looks to be a slow day in the store with the crappy rain so I’ll get that Boone done for sure….

K, Bye.


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