Work In Progress


The cross\road bike if moving along. Slowly but always making progress. Really, its not far from first ride. Today I’ll set up the front lever\brake. Then the rear. The left\front lever does not shift so its pretty straightforward. The rear will take some more work as I have to cut the hydro line, route it thru the frame, then reattach it and re bleed the brakes(if needed). 

Ive found that all the newer hydro brakes sometimes dont need to be bled every time you bust open a line. Just better stuff I guess. Easy to work with.

I needed to buy a thru axle kit for the Aeolus wheel. I assumed they came with that. Then after attaching the correct caps for the thru axle I needed to order up a different lock ring for the front disk that has the spline for tightening on the outside like a BB cup. Thats coming today.

I knew since I was working with new stuff there would be times where I had to wait a day or so for something I did not expect. Its frustrating sometimes. But really if I did all my homework would find this stuff before it stops the assembly. I just don’t have the time for that. I order a bunch of stuff that I think I need and just return what does not fit.

I picked a good week for the build as its pretty much rain\cold right up to the weekend. And I hope to be rolling by then unless some other unseen issue shows.

Another crazy thing: the bike might be already sold. But the new owner will not get the bike until Sept. Its all mine until then. And Im not afraid to use it.


Wa da ya think?

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