Weekend Update

Overall not a bad weekend. Saturday got out for about an hour and a half before the store opened. 22 degrees. Kinda a bummer but I really need the seat time. But it was cold enough to have the group down to three bikes including me. But thats fine. The a full day of work followed by all the kids\grandkids over for dinner. Overall not a bad day.

I knew Sunday was going to be a bit sketchy going in with rain called for all day. I didn’t call out a ride as I was not sure I wanted to ride myself.

My plans were to get up and head to the store to catch up on paperwork, then see what was up with the iffy weather.

But after two hours of Sunday work the sun was out at 11am so the ride was on. The temps fell as the day went on but still a two hour ride was a good thing. I did notice in the past I did this route in about a hour 15 min. So it was a slow roll but a needed one.

Most likely the last ride on Pinky for while as I should sit down and finish my Boone one of these days. Still needing some trinket parts that Im waiting for but for the most part I can set up the driveline any day now. All I need to do is set aside the time. This being store sale week will give me a challenge in the respect. But I for sure will be on it next weekend.

MOndays are always ordering day so I better get to it and restock the store.

Oh, and todays my birthday. But when you are 55 its just another day….


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