Friday Stuff


Look closely at the horizon. Thats the US Bradshaw Mckee. Its a tug boat that pushes a barge.  Sometimes these tugs are permanently attached to a barge but I don’t think this one is. Not sure what it hauls. Its pretty small compared to a ship. But get the work done on a smaller scale I guess. Its heading for Chicago.

Today is Friday and another busy weekend planned at the store. Riding will once again take the back seat. I had planned to ride today but thats out as I have to put up all the signage for the sale week coming up. I will ride in the morn, but will have to cut short to be at the store by 10am. And Sunday is my only shot at a longer ride. Hope the weather holds up. Yesterday it was 65 degrees and people were out.

not far

Again, I could not find the time to ride but I did take a break around 2pm. I had help in store so I just yelled that I was stepping out and took a walk for about 45 minutes. I need to do more of that. Maybe today again. Any extra movement will do me good.

As I posted yesterday I started the Boone build. And got to spend about 35 minutes on it. Did not get too far.

And I dont suspect I will get any farther today. Such limited time.

I did come to a conclusion that I will run 140mm disk front and back. Stopping power may be compromised but I would not want to be able to lock up the front tire anyway. And  anything is better than a carbon brake surface. I will keep the 160 rotor and mount bracket just in case the “next guy” wants a bigger rotor up front.

And a smaller disc looks more “roadie”.

140 rules I hope

I’ll have to order it today as I only have the one 160 in stock. I gatta mention that I now love centerlock disks. At first they were kinda a pain as everything in the world was 6 bolt but now I like them. So easy on and off. Now I have a ton of 6 bolt discs I gatta sell on ebay.

Also, Im ditching the 44 tooth ring for the larger 46. Im just ascared of getting spun out in the road group rides. My cadence sucks so a bigger ring I think will help. So the gearing will be 46 up front at 11 by 36 on back.

If Im constantly spun then I’ll call the experiment failed and put Di2 on as I intended.

Better get going. Work to do. Have a great weekend.


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