Bike Build\Experiment

2016 Boone

Its time to build another bike. I love putting a bike together from scratch. With hand picked components. Its pretty much my most favorite thing about owning a bike shop. I get to pick out every nut and bolt. And today I’ve pretty much have everything here to start. I never start until I have every component.

This bike is kinda an experiment of sorts. Its a cross bike that Im setting up for the road. I know people have done this before but in the past Ive always had a road bike. Our weekly road ride group is pretty upscale and I needed every advantage I could get in the respect. Last year I had a Felt AR2 which is one of the most aero bikes you can get.

Last years super aero bike.

But all that aeroness is wasted on a big guy like me. So I decided to get a nice carbon cross bike (2016 Boone disc) pair it up with the best wheelset for the road (2016 Bonty Aeolus 5 disk tubeless). I of course was thinking Ultegra Di2 as my last 4 road bikes had it but this year Im trying something different. At least different for the road.

CX1 for a road bike?

I hear Sram is working on a road group 1X11. I’ll beat them to it. Cassette will be 11-36, ring will be a 44 to start, might go to a 46 (the biggest CX1 ring you can get). I’ll give it a shot on the road rides. If I cant get a high\low ratio combo I can use I can always go Ultegra later.

20150402_090648[1]The wheels are Bontys new Aeolus 5 disc brake tubeless ready. Ive ran a lot of wheels in my day. The Aeolus is on the top tier. And now disc compatible and tubeless ready puts them on top.


This is not some rim I had to string up. Its not some MTB rim. This is a stock order tubeless ready disc brake road wheel. Once again Trek\Bonty leads.

So today I put the frame in a workstand and start the process. I pretty much do this off hours so it takes me a few days. I never hurry. Take my time doing it right the first time. Im sure as I start bolting on parts I might not like what I have and have no issues stopping a few days to make a change.

Right now Im running a 140mm disc in rear and a 160mm in front but I might change that to a 140mm too. Even with the smaller rotors I still have way more stopping power that a carbon rim surface. And the smaller rotors look nicer on a road bike. I see and make the call as i build.

So really, will I be slower in this bike compared to last years Felt rocket? I dont know. It will be heavier due the the brakes and thats expected. I guess I wont really know until I lay down a four hour ride with the guys.

But I know one thing. It will be a smooth ride and at my age thats a good thing. And….. throw on some wider tires and hit the dirt! Maybe I can give up a little road speed for some versatility?

There are a few older riders in our group kinda waiting to see how this turns out on the road rides and are contemplating the same thing. Im the guinea pig.

I don’t mind.


Wa da ya think?

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