The Big One!

Based on yesterdays post. After some soul searching Ive made a decision. A big one.

As of today I am not signed up for any races this summer and its 20140521_083626[1]going to stay that way. But Ive been going to O2S for years now and how can I miss a chance to hang in Marquette? Well, I wont. Because today I start planning my summer tour up there. And I might as well go up there for something so Its set(in my head). I will tour up to Marquette,MI for O2S in August.

I will need to have someone then get me as I don’t have the time to ride back home. And that’s all stuff I can figure out. In fact, it makes sense to leave sooner and goof off before race weekend as I most likely could find a ride home from Marquette pretty easy that weekend. I’ll leave maybe the Monday before. Maybe ride over to the Soo Locks first to see the ships go thru or whatever. End up in Marquette the morning of the race on August 8th, plenty of time to watch everyone I know finish. Grab a hotel Saturday nite. Go out for a few brews and such.

Throw by bike on someones car and come home. Done and done.

But thats it. Thats the big one!


Will I be on my Trucker? Will I have that Trek 920? What route will I take?

Plenty of time to find those answers in the next few months. But I wont delay, I will start planning today.

Damn, Im pretty excited typing it. Bring it on.


Wa da ya think?

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