Its not so much that I like spring but I like change. I like any change of seasons. Fall may still be my favorite but spring is not far behind. Everybody likes spring because its the end of winter. To me thats the worst reason about it. But I must admit with the crappy winter we had this year I was ready to move on due to lack of snow.

I thing I like about spring is the huge changes everything go’s thru. All the birds return. Its funny you have seen Robins all your life but when you see the first one of spring you stare at it like you have never seen one before. I do that with all the returning birds. Robins, Cranes. The Bluebirds are always the last to get here. I heard my first Killdeer last nite at home. I heard my second this morn at the park. Its crazy how they all come back within hours of each other.

Spring is always a great time to think about new. Do new things and think new thoughts. What do I want to do this summer? Race? Tour? For me its always the time I think about getting outside more and losing some weight. Ride times go up for sure. Winter bikes and clothes get put away and road bikes with spring clothes come out.

We change the bike we are riding. We change the clothes we wear. Everything changes in spring.

I cant wait for that first time with a MTB in the woods. Its feels like the first time ever. Its been so long that it feels surreal as you zip past the trees and such. Thats a feeling I look forward to every spring.

I love winter but by the end of it Im ready to move one. Same thing for summer. When the temps cool down in fall I’m ready for a change also.

I think Wisconsin is just about the best area. You get the best of both worlds. Awesome summer and great winters (sometimes). Not every summer\winter is the best but overall its good. I may complain about the weather a little but who doesn’t? Looking at the 10 day it looks pretty OK for early April.

And I’ll take it. Im sure we will see a snow flake or two before summer gets here but thats to be expected. After all, this is Wisconsin.


Wa da ya think?

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