No Riding\Busy Store


I got a early start today. For no real reason. I did catch another ship this morn. Look close at the horizon. The US Joseph Block was heading south. Another sign of spring. Second ship in a week. Soon the spring west winds will come and the ships will stay on the other side of the lake. Were I can’t see them.

The weekend was a bust for riding. Saturday morn was 12 degrees and I could have rode a little before the store opened but that pretty cold for a road ride. And it would have taken me longer to dress that ride time. So i ditched to wait until Sunday where the temps were going to hit near 40.

And they did, along with sleet and rain. So I was shut out this weekend. And just like that, when I thought getting in 6 hours two weeks ago was the beginning of the comeback, I now have not sat on a bike in a week. I was hoping for 10 hours a week. And last week was zero. That will change Im sure as the weather improves.

So Sunday I did what you think I would do. Went to the store and worked. Just a couple hours. I also did a little typing on my writing project, which is way ahead of schedule. Then, around 1ish I went home and spent the rest of the day watching The Walking Dead marathon leading up to the season finale. Thats about 6 hours of Dead.

Today I need to get at the ordering as the store is very busy. Last week I mentioned that the store broke its one day sales record, this Saturday was a close second place and I almost thought the record was going to fall just a week after setting it but it was close. And I’ll take it.

So once again, like last Monday, I need to put the store back together and fill in the holes the weekend created.

Its my favorite thing to do in the store. Besides building custom bikes which I still need to talk about. I have one of my bikes just sitting here with 80% of the parts, waiting to be born.

Soon it will start. Im excited about this one.


Wa da ya think?

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