I Will Wait


Its Friday. Its 17 degrees. I had a ride planned this aft but I guess Im getting soft a bit in my old age. I just dont want to ride at 25 degrees anymore. I put all my really cold clothing away already.

Tomorrow’s group ride is most likely out for me too for the same reason. And if you look at the 10 day its  back in the 50’s in two days so I will wait. Sunday looks much better. At least its in the 30’s.

Right about this time in the year I look ahead at what I want to do this summer. Look at a couple races and such. As I sit here typing today I just don’t feel like I have a race in me this summer. Maybe that will change later but right now I don’t see anything in May, June or July that I want to do.

So maybe this is the summer of my long thought out bike tour. Ive done several and loved it. All solo.

2012 Surly Disk Trucker

My very last tour was July 2012 from home to Sayner,WI. Then met up with the Fam and drove home. A lap around Lake Michigan would be nice. Easy to do and well documented. Another ride would be straight north to Marquette, then west to the Apostle Islands near Bayfield,WI. Id need a ride home from that one as I would not have that much time. Even the lap around the top of the lake would have me staying on it to complete in what short time I would have.

At minimum, a ride up to Washington Island on the top of Door County would be great too if I cant get the needed time off. I still have my noble Surly Disc Trucker to tour on. Its a great touring bike. But I would not mind getting my hands on a Trek 920.

I would throw on a 700 by maybe 35c tire and off I go. Im not a fan of the bar end shifter that almost all tour bikes have but I do understand the theory of simplicity. I build my Trucker with Sram Rival shifters. Of course carbon.

So Im not sure what kind of summer this will be. The summer of races or the summer of touring. Either way Im looking forward to it. But I’ll wait until it gets a little warmer…


Wa da ya think?

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