Breaking Records.

Milwaukee Sunday.

Yesterdays post was a record breaker for me. Over 900 views. Very touchy subject. Moving on…

I forgot to report about the weekend. Monday was so busy I did not have the time to post at all.

Saturday I had a good group ride, I had help in the store so I got to do the entire ride. So it was about 35 miles with some hard work for me. Just what I needed. Now if I could get 10 more rides just like that….

Saturday the store broke its one day sales record. I was pretty pumped about that. It was a long day and I left the store in shambles. Which made for a busy Monday morn cleaning up. But every spring you get “that” weekend. The weekend that really starts things off. The stores checkbook gets fatter and I can now spend some time empting it on cool stuff for the floor. 32 new bikes came this week so far. Time to build.

Sunday I headed down to Trek HQ for the cross race directors meeting. And it was a 3 hours meeting and thats all I have to say about that. Some good things this year some bad. More later.

Before I headed to Waterloo I made a stop in Milwaukee to see how many ships are getting their winter makeover. There was three. Looks like the Burns Harbour is getting a new paint job done. Soon the Great Lakes ships will sail again, some have been moving around some.

Today I got hoodwinked by the weather. I planned a hour or so ride this aft but woke up to snow and sleet so I kept the riding gear at home. Just a four mile drive to the store and its no snow, sunny and the roads are just wet and Im sure they would dry by afternoon. I just need to start keeping my gar in the car at all times like I do every summer. Usually in the summer I keep three kits in my car at all times.

So I got robbed of a ride today but I think I still will do something. Maybe a walk around town. Something. Now that the store is open longer I need to get away for awhile during the day.

Tomorrow I can start talking about cool stuff. I have a summer bike to build and it will start tomorrow….

Thats always a blast…


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