Impending Boring Weekend

The impending weekend is not as exciting as the last. Temps in the 30’s with possible rain for Saturday. That will put a dent in the group ride. I always say I can ride in the cold, and I can ride in the rain but I can’t ride in a cold rain.

Sunday I have a directors meeting for my cross race. Thats always a full day shot. A 3 to 4 hour meeting with a hour and a half drive both there and back. Pretty boring stuff really. Lots and lots of talking with not much said.

But its all part of the experience I guess.

The weather is turning a bit more “seasonal”.  Still, at that we are still light years ahead of last year. Usually I don’t get a MTB until mid May but maybe I should get my MTB in April and my road bike in May. Thats usually the other way around. I guess if I can ride them both it would not matter.

In the back of my mind Im thinking to just wait on the MTB in case Trek releases their fatbikes early. And then just pick up the first one. I for sure could ride that bike on the trails and then be ready for a early winter (now thats thinking way ahead).

So this weekend will be filled with cold wet riding, tons of work and a boring meeting. Ive had better but I guess I’ll live.

Have a good weekend.


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