I dont have a clue what to write about today. So I’ll write about writing.

I have not said a lot about this but I’ve been commissioned by a pretty popular bike mag to write a story about winter bike riding before winter bike riding was cool. Way before fat bikes. And this all came to be because of this blog.

A guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who reps one of my distributors hooked this up. I received a very small check in the mail to cover some research costs and away I go. Now a paid writer. Kinda.

The premise of the story is based on the fact that we here in this area have always had a Saturday group ride all winter long. In the woods and on the beach and roads too. Its been going on for 20 years. Well attended. With the fatbike now stirring up all the winter riding my article will show we have been doing this all along and not just after the fatbike was invented.

So I have until August to produce 5000 words. Pretty easy stuff when you  are writing about stuff you did personally. At least I think so anyway.

This is the shortest video I could find but I have a ton of these. Back in the day when I did not own a bike store and had a ton of time on my hands. Maybe too much. These rides were a blast and as you can see well attended. Back in the bay when no one asked what tire pressure your running. The fattest tire was maybe a 2.2

Anyhoo, Im already writing bits and pieces now. Then later decide how to put them together. I have time and am taking things slow. I have no formal training on writing so Im sure this will get a bit painstaking towards the end. But Im sure i will have fun with it.


Wa da ya think?

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