Missed Out

Just a quick follow up to yesterdays post.

I always expect a backlash of Lance haters to give me what for but not so much anymore. In fact, I looked at the Velonews version of the story and as of last nite at 8pm there were 166 comments. Of which only 23 were Lance 20150318_083727negative. Time heals all wounds.

And then this came out this morn.

Moving on. Another great morning in the park. Temps have cooled a bit but the sun has been shining. I’ll take it.

But while the sun is out and things are good Im a bit upset.

Huge solar flare in the news.

This morn Im getting reports that the aurora borealis could be seen, and spectacularly I hear, as close as Door County. I was out last nite from about 9 to 930pm and I could not see anything.

I so bad wanted to see that thing. So bad. I remember once as a kid seeing the green sky’s one nite. Im pretty sure I was here at home but not entirely sure. I just remember watching the lights flicker. I was young, maybe 5 or 6. And I have never seen them again.

Ive put on my bucket list to once again see the lights. Last nite I looked but saw nothing. Once in a while I thought I would maybe see a glimmer but it was so small that it could have been wishful thinking.

Then, this morn I sign on to facebook and see all the pictures for someone up in Door County. Had I know I would have drove up there just to see it.

Foto by Luca Fagundes.

Heres a pic taken around 9pm up in Door County.

Man, I am so upset to be this close to this and miss it. Its been almost 50 years since. It could be a solid statement saying I will never in my lifetime see it again. And this was less than a two hour drive away. Again, very upsetting.

But, I must get over it and move on. Which was my point yesterday too. Although I must admit that this is way more upsetting than a guy who admitting to doping 10 years ago. It pales in fact.

Its Wednesday and I have yet to ride during the weekdays. Lots of summer product coming into the store, 30 bikes to hit this week and just have been too busy in the morning and once I get started working I just don’t have the time to stop for a nooner. Like I said earlier, its a bit cooler but not cold. Maybe 40 at noon. The trails are drying up pretty damn quick and the first ride in the woods is going to be well more than a month sooner than last year. Except I do not have a bike yet….

But soon.


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