Lance. A lot.

Shocking news. Some soccer dude asked if Lance Armstrong can attend his fundraising ride in France.

And…. get this…. ride a bike! What the what?

I thought L.A. was banned from France. AND banned from riding a bike.

Read this crap from UCI guy Cookson.

What a joke. This from a guy who admits widespread current doping in TODAYS peloton. This from a guy who lets Astana race with half the team visiting Dr Ferrari. And shakes a finger at them as says “you guys better knock it off”. But still, a dude caught doping 10 years ago can’t ride a bike on a public street in France? For a fundraiser?

Well, this event is not sanctioned by USAC as was Georges Fondo. So there’s no loophole to fall in.

All along I was disappointed with LA situation, but not to the point where the guy cant live out his life. He most likely will stay banned from any formal sports for life but let the guy do what he does. In the past I have said to let it go. And I do understand there are people he directly hurt and can’t do that. I understand why some can’t. But it seems the haters hate so much that it overshadows what’s happening today.

It seems the cool thing for the cycling media to do is follow him around. Yes, he doped (as did many others) and he was not nice to some people at some point about it. But we don’t need to know every time he takes a crap in a porta pottie at some sanctioned race or event.

Its the media that now makes the money off him. They need to report this stuff for ratings sake. Or sales. And they need to stop. Every damn week another name gets reported to be busted for EPO. Nobody cares. Because Lance is riding a bike somewhere for fun or charity. Such travesty.

Im not a pro bike racer. And pro riders have much different takes on this stuff. As well they should. But Im just a regular guy who likes cycling and there are a million of people like me to one pro bike rider. And its the guys like me that the media counts on to keep the legend of bad Lance alive. We are the people that give these entities money to tell us what Lance is doing now. What shenanigans did get get himself into today? That crazy Lance. He’s sucha goof.

Does anybody realize how much money that guy could make on some Fox reality show?

So dear cycling media entities. Every time you post some superficial crap about LA I will move on to another mag or website or whatever. I will cancel my subscriptions to you. And if I end up with nothing so be it. Most likely better off without it anyway. But I’ll cut you some slack if he’s accused of murder or get caught burning down Betsy Andreu’s house or something. Anything short, I don’t care.



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