Winter Gone

820 am No snow. All gone High water.

Its crazy how fast winter has been erased. Its 55 degrees this morn at 8am. Im on the beach in a tshirt. I week ago I was riding the fatbike in snow. The only snow left here is the piles the plows made. From the snow on Feb 1st.

I even sat in my bench this morn. About two months before I did last spring. Im waiting for the bottom to drop out of this but looking at the 10 day it gets a bit cooler but every day still above average. Crazy and welcomed.

Early visit to fav bench.

I didn’t do too bad on the bike this weekend with 4.5 hours on the bike including Friday. I’ll take it as its my first real weekend of road riding.

While I did ride the fatbike quite a bit this winter its just not the sustained effort a road ride has. As expected I felt like crap on the bike on Friday and Saturday morn too.  But also as expected I felt much better later on the ride on Sunday. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose that Im carrying around but it s just getting used to the the motion and the position of a road ( actually cross) bike. But all in all I feel better than I thought. Not as sore as I thought.

My early season knee pain is also back as expected. Really nothing I can do. I raise my seat a bit more to help it out. I hope it go’s away like every other year. One of these years tho…. it might not. That knee has been left for dead 4 years ago. Not repairable. But I can still get some cortisone to help me out if I need to…

Very busy day in the store. Spring orders are arriving with some new ones needed to be put in.

And… if this early spring is not enough I have to close the books on last year this week also. Thats about 5 to 7 hours of boring accounting. Joy.


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