An Experiment

Its Friday. Im planning a ride around lunchtime. Now that I have hired help in the store I can go out on my “nooners”. When I say I want to get 10 hours per week that week starts on Saturday. But I’ll give myself a break and get in a hour Asset_316917and a half today and add to next weeks total.

So Ive decided to do  a bit of an experiment. This summer I planned on getting a Trek Domane. 6.9. DA Di2 with disc. Nice bike. Initially I was going to get a high end cross bike and make it a roadie in the summer. But the Boone 9 was sold out so it was the Domane. But today Trek has announced its new Boone and thats the way I will go again.

I will take this high end Trek Boone cross bike and build it up with road in mind. I guess just the lightest stuff I can put on it. Cross bike frames are just a little beefier than a road. A bit more weight involved. But not much. Overall it will be a bit heavier with the disc brakes tho. A weight penalty I will be glad to accept.

In the past its been road bikes on road and cross bikes doing cross things. Our group here has the best of the best in bikes in all brands. Light aero bikes thruout our peloton.

Will a wider heavier bike work on the road? Will I be able to hang? Well, thats a very personal issue. Last year I rode a Felt AR2 and still could not hang and thats not the bikes fault.

But really its principal for a bike shop owner. Road bikes on road, MTB in the woods and cross bikes for both.

Several other old guys in the group have talked about this. The cross configuration has a higher headtube making things easier for us old guys. A very comfortable road ride for sure. But none of us has taken our cross bikes and tried to make a true road bike out of it. But it makes sense. Deep carbon wheels for the summer and another lesser wheelset for spring\fall\winter.

I say it can be done. I say build it right and it will fit right in on the Saturday group ride. I say with the right components you wont even know its a cross bike in a pack of Madones and Tarmacs or whatever.

And now with so many disc wheel options like the Bonty Aeolus 5’s in disc format a disc bike is not penalized when it comes to hoops. I will have a set of those guys on this bike. Ultegra hydro Di2. I’ll pick out the rest of the stuff based on weight and see what I come up with…

A true roadie who has dreams of controlling his local group ride and take every town sign sprint will never do this but I sure can.

I’ll keep you informed on how it go’s.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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