Quick Change


Its crazy how I went from full on winter wonderland to full on spring in a matter of hours. My brain can’t grasp this so fast. I need time to acclimate. The lake still has a little ice on the shore but its going away very fast. The water looks summer like. A bit warmer lake will help with the cooler temps this spring.

The four days heading and including the weekend was winter at its finest. The morning I drove up to Hayward (Thursday) the temp bottomed out at about -30. I rode that afternoon at 7 degrees. Playing in the snow for four days and I drive home to 50 degree weather. Was 57 yesterday here. People have their carbon road bikes out already.

We go from bragging about riding the frozen river to how long our road ride was.

Looking at the 10 day, it gets a little colder but nothing below normal. Maybe a little rain but a lot of sun.

The store go’s zero to sixty in seconds and Im scrambling to get product in the store sooner than I planned. With most of the stuff coming last week of March. Im now making phone calls to ship now….

And the very lack of snow that I complained about is now welcome. It sure looks like we will get in the woods a lot sooner than last year. I haven’t even looked at what MTB I want to ride this summer. My road bike wont be here until mid April… about a month.

I do have Pinky to ride until then. I’ll take the cross tires off and put on 32c road tires. Very smooth.


This is the only bike I have to ride at this time and will do fine to hold me over until the roadie gets here in a month. MTB will come in May.

This is all happening to fast. But Im not complaining. As much as I like winter I was ready to make the switch. Im sure glad I had those 4 days in Hayward. I mean, even more now.

Fat bike gone, ski’s already have storage wax on. Bring it on. I may not be ready for it but don’t worry about me, I’ll catch up as usual.


Wa da ya think?

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