Hayward Day Two (friday)

If you know cross country skiing you know this famous warming hut.

Friday was skiing day. Or morning anyway. The rest of the crew was not arriving until mid afternoon so I had a morning to kill and since we were going to ride later and I was excited to get out on the skinny ski’s. But first I got to hit Hayward with my fav J&B rep Gregg who texted me to come join him for breakfast. Since I needed to kill time it was perfect timing and he bought breakfast for me. Thanks Greg! Awesome start to the day. While I was excited to get skiing I was not however, excited to ski the local Birkie trails so much. Huge hills both up and down would have done me in. So I was invited to ski a local private trail that winds thru a very cool neighborhood. All the places here pitch in to pay for the grooming.

So after parking at the Mosquito Brook trailhead I skied a bit of the Birkie trail (my first time) to get to these trails. As I entered I came across Wade L. who invited me in the first place. After he explained the layout I decided to do two loops of the shorter loop not knowing how far I wanted to ski.

Ski over to the neighbors for a cup of sugar.

These trails wound around this subdivision. Past every house. Maybe 15 of them. Thru backyards and such. Its like going for a walk around the block, but on ski’s. Nice places too. Some looked like vacation houses, some looked lived in all year. Either way I was amazed that this exists. I was told that they ride their fatbikes on this too. Again being private you can do as you please.

First time skiing on the Birkie. I usually bike it.l
First time skiing on the Birkie. I usually bike it.

I didn’t ski long, maybe an hour. But I knew back home it was going to be in the 50’s this week so in the back of my mind once again thinking this could be the last ski for me until next year. And if so being in Hayward would be a great finale.

Back to the Lodge and then sit and wait for the others to show. One by one the drove up but it took about 3 hours for everyone to show. Some left to ride but I waited for the last to arrive. After they did it was off to the Birkie trail. I didn’t do a lot of it since I rode it yesterday. Some wanted to go out 5 miles but I flipped at about two and headed back to the Seeley Pass trails. Once again riding the singletrack as I did yesterday.

I did not ride a long time as I had the pending race in the morn. Maybe an hour.

After picking up my registration and a bite to eat it was a fairly quite nite. I was in bed way to early for a vacation but Im old. So it works for me. Next up is race day.


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