Hayward Day One

Bike on Birkie trail. Call the cops.

I left around 7am and pointed the car north to Hayward, WI. A fairly uneventful drive (which is good) put me in town around 2pm. And of course I took a tour around like I do when I get to town. Blast down main street. Its amazing how well the clean up after the ski race. Then when I decided everything was all good in town I headed to Seeley. After checking into the lodge I grabbed the bike and headed to the Birkie trail as bikes were allowed today thru Saturday.

I parked at the OO trailhead. Just a couple bikes there. That will change tomorrow and of course Saturday.

So I headed out on the 30 yard wide Birkie trail with a big grin on my face. I felt like I was pirating the trails. I felt like such a bas ass.

But that was just a feeling as it was perfectly legal to ride the trail. After a mile or two that grin went away as fast as it came. I forgot how hilly this thing is. I cant believe people actually want to ski this crap!


You can see how fast it was. I had 15 pounds of air in the tire. You heard me right. This thing was concrete. But man the hills had me walking a couple just a few miles in. Im so out of shape. My legs felt OK buy I ran out of air\heart rate. So after just two miles I flipped and rode back to the car. 20 minutes. Crap.


Im sure the Birkie trail is fun with 500 other bikes but by yourself its kinda boring. However, right off the same parking lot is the newly groomed Seeley Pass trails and that’s where I went. Freshly groomed, I was first tracks. This is true winter singletrack. Groomed with a Rokon two wheel drive motorcycle. This trail sneaked along ravines and gully’s. Still, some climbing to do but much more fun than a 30 yard wide hiway. These are the trails we should group ride tomorrow.


Look closely. Those are the tracks of the Rokon. Very rare. Only found in the deepest woods of northern Wisconsin. I did not see one. They are hard to see face to face They see you way before you see them.

So tonite it will be  a bit quiet here. I’ll hit the sheets early and get up in the morn to get some skiing in before the rest of the crew gets here right after lunch tomorrow. Then its once again ride time.

The internet up here is outstanding so I can post with ease. More to come.


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