My Friday

Today is my last day of this week. When I leave the store today the car will be packed (pretty much is already) and at 6am I will be winging to Hayward,WI for the Fat Bike Birkie. But really, the race is secondary. Im just going to ride as much as I can. In fact I’ll back 20150222_104437[2]off the race a little to preserve the legs for an afternoon trail ride. Since my race will be crap already another 10 minutes to the time won’t matter much.

I’ll leave at 6am, make the 5.5 hour ride up, check in to the lodge and hit the trails by 130\2pm. I’ll be alone but that no big deal.

Friday morn while I wait for the others to get there I might ski a bit if I cant find anyone to ride with. Ive skied the Seeley system once before. And since its just a few miles from the lodge I’ll do them  again. In fact those trails are also open to fatbikes.

Middle Friday aft the others trickle in. I hope to get out with a few others around 2pm. We can ride the Birkie trail north from OO.

Saturday is of course the race. Last year I did it in 1.05. This year will be  a bit longer. While I always try and do as best I can, and I will Saturday also, I am just going into the race knowing where I stand on fitness. Not good. So I will attend the race and have fun with all the others. Then hopefully recover for a afternoon trail ride after lunch.

Sunday will be another trail ride. There’s going to be kinda a guided tour leaving our parking lot around 10am. So I’ll do that one. Come Sunday, we are no longer able to ride the Birkie trail but there is tons of machine groomed singletrack to explore, if we have not done so already. So… a full four days in store.

Heres where Im staying. We have 5 rooms full.

Heres the race info.

Sadley (for me) as I mentioned yesterday the Farley is gone when I get back. Always a good and bad thing. Part of owning a bike store I guess. With everything out of stock it wont be until August or so before I get another.

I’ll have a notebook along with me and might find the time to post.

But other than that Im out. Its only Wednesday and I’ll say have a good weekend…


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