Riding the River


Its a bright sunny day. Temps in the teens feels like a heat wave. Yesterday in the upper 20’s.

It wasn’t always that way. I tried to get in a ski before work on Saturday but zero degrees was not the ticket. So I passed thinking it was going to be warm Sunday. I’ll plan a longer bike ride them.

And that did happen. About 7 of us rode the local park and did my first river ride. Me on ice is never a good thing but its for sure thick enough for my fat ass. It was a good ride. Pretty much my first real ride in two weeks. The trails are absolutely awesome right now. Such cold temps have the tails rock hard. You could ride a road bike out there. Pressures were up.


Even the river was rock hard and fast.

I tried to get in two hours of saddle time and I came close. However riding with the skinny guys just cemented my thoughts on the race Saturday. Its going to just be a tour for me. My weight and fitness this time of year is as bad as its ever been. Got dropped several times yesterday and they were not even going that hard. But Im not going to let that ruin anything. I never do. My departure to beautiful Hayward, WI will be 6am Thursday morn. I’ll be up there, checked in to the lodge and riding by 1pm. More on that later….

Its going to be a busy week for me. Getting the store squared away for when Im gone and now snow is coming. 4 inches or so. So I have set away my Wednesday morn to groom the ski trail before I leave. So Wednesday will be quite a hectic day between the grooming and leaving in the morn. Moderate temps here could mean ski rentals…..

Looks like the temps will be nice this weekend at home, and also up in Hayward too. 32 degrees there on Friday, Upper 20’s on Saturday for the race. Almost perfect. As far as Hayward go’s, Im trying not to day dream too much right now, Got a lot to do. But in a day or two I’ll be mentally checked out.

I would like to get in another ride before I leave but that might not happen. Maybe a shot tomorrow morn before the store opens. That will be right in the middle of the snow so it could be fun. I’ll make sure to bring my camera if it do…

Also the Tuesday nite ride but if we get the snow they say that might be a bit tough for me if its too deep.

Will see.


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