Most of the time I don’t see the pics I take every morn until I post it here. Strange reflection in that one. Not sure what it is but there it is. An otherwise nice pic. I have a million from that spot.

4 below this morn Stayed inside. But tomorrow it will be 10 degrees warmer at about 6  so I will ski. Like I said earlier the dusting we got the other day wont bring the trails back but will make things ski able. The more I think about it I maybe will take the ski’s to Hayward. I could get in a short ski on Friday morn before everyone else get up there.

I’ll talk morn about next weekend next week. Lets just say Im happy to get away for a few days. I dont get out much so Im pumped. Even tho I’ll be up there Thursday and most of Fri alone between the riding and skiing I should be good.

Sunday here looks like to be a good day. Almost 30 degrees. Im thinking of taking a drive up to Levis Mound to ride on Sunday. Its a 2.5 hour drive but a good destination for a day trip. Will see. If not there are plenty of places to ride here at home. So either way Im riding.

And after we weekend the temps look more like normal with highs in the 20’s. I can handle that. Ride time will go way up. I hope.

Have  good weekend.


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