As crazy at it sounds the Great Lakes are near froze to the extent as they were last year and that was near a record. Its been a crazy winter with a cold Nov, then a warm Dec, then a average Jan with no snow, and now a super cold Feb with no snow. Its the worst kind of winter. No snow yet super cold. Theres no way we can relive the nightmare that was last spring with below zero well into March. The lake so frozen that it was still in the 40’s for temps well into June.

Global warming or not. I do notice the weather is either extremely mild or extremely not. Such huge swings back and forth. The last few nights in the negatives. And the next couple also. But I do see a bit of “normal” temps on the way. 20’s most of next week. Maybe one day in the teens. So I hope thats the upswing we all have been waiting for.

The lake is now ice as far a the eye can see. The cold month of Feb has a good hold on it. We can only hope it will let go soon.

We got a little over an inch of snow on the ski trail last nite. It actually might be enough to bring it back to some sort of life. I want to get out there but its neg 5 in the morn. No way. Im too old for that.

I think Saturday morn will be in the upper single digits. Should I change my wax and go for two laps finally? Really, with Hayward pending I should be on a bike but its been decided that Im not going to push hard for or during the race. It will still be fun but with my weight so high no way am I going to come close to prior times. Like at Ore to Shore last Aug Im pretty sure Im way off in fitness and I just dont want to get upset with a poor performance.

So the plan is have a good time up there, pull out the spin bike when I get back home and wait for the temps to moderate and start getting in road miles to work on summer fitness. And I use the term fitness loosely.


Wa da ya think?

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