Middle of the Week.

So I didn’t ride last nite. Just got out of work too late. Store is open till 6 and the ride is 630. Most of the time I can bug out a few minutes early no problem but things are already picking up with bikes so I gatta stay until my shift ends. Next three days look like below zero in morn so I’ll be indoors. Next chance of outside stuff is Saturday, and thats maybe 8 or 9 in the morn. Most likely a fat bike ride in the morn. The group ride most likely will not go as a road ride a 9 degrees kinda sucks. Im considering pulling out the spin bike today…..

After the weekend things start to warm a bit. Most days in the 20’s, some a bit colder but no below zero. The 10 days says no real snow so yesterday very well have been my last ski.

Like Ive said before, late season skiing sometimes is the best of the year. Warmer temps. But is funny how at that point of the year nobody cares. The ski trails could be in great shape with a temp of 25 on a sunny Saturday and I will have no rentals out. As far as a bike\ski retail store Ive learned not to hang onto a season and move forward sooner than later. Either spring for bikes or fall for ski’s. Ive already got some spring clothing in and it will go up this week. I’ll leave the ski and snowshoe rentals up a bit longer but all the new stuff (almost sold all of it!) will be packed away for fall very soon.

Hayward ,WI

And  week from today I start packing for the Birkie.

Slowly but surely the fat bike mecca is switching from Marquette to Hayward,WI. Almost 800 bikes signed up for the race making it the biggest in the world. For real. The mileage of groomed trail out there has doubled since last year. Also, most ski trail systems are on the verge of letting bikes on. Only exception would be the birkie trail.

And I dont need to be invited twice to go to Hayward.

More later.


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