Last Ski??


I was thinking today was the day to graduate to two laps (in a row) on the ski’s in the park. Pretty much any day its above 10 degrees in the morn is a ski day. It was 13 this morn with temps once again dropping for the rest of the week so today I thought I should give it a try. I got up early(er) to make sure I had the time but pretty much screwed everything else up. Typical.

First off I had the leftover pizza for breakfast. And of course too much of it. I was way too full. Then…. to top it off I forgot to drink. And I mean at all. Nothing. How stupid. I forgot to bring any water along. I was doomed before I even got to the park. But I did, and I clipped in the ski’s and off I went feeling like crap and rightfully so.

Within 30 feet I could tell that the ski’s were not working quite as well as Saturday as it was a full 10 degrees colder on the warmer wax. Im just not that good of skier to be switching wax temps back and forth. So I don’t. The skis were slower but not terrible.


But the trail has went from an acceptable “not terrible” to “terrible” in the last few days. Remember we are still on the snow that fell Feb 1st. The sun the last few days have expanded the bare spots and the winds we have had has covered the trail in tree needles. It was not a fun lap (just one) and I wont come back unless we get more snow. I could try and re groom to clean up the needles but there just is not enough snow to do so.

So, like January its sit and wait. And if there is any morning over 10 degrees it will now be spent on the bike. As I finished the loop up I kinda slowed down a bit and wondered if this was the last ski of the year. It could be. Who knows.

As I looked around to take it all in I spotted two eagles in a tree maybe 100 yards away. So that made me sit there even longer. I felt kinda sad thinking this could be my last ski of the year but the chances of that are slim. And if so, I did get out seven times. More than last year I think. And most of the time the best skiing comes late in the year and last year we skied well into March. But that was not always the case. Time will tell.

Looking at all the weather websites and such there looks to be a shift in the jet stream in about 10 days, keeping the colder weather north and warmer weather south. But that does not mean no snow. Look whats happening to the south of us now. But like I say, after the Fat Bike Birkie on March 7th Im ready for spring. I actually ready right now but I’ll give winter two more weeks yet. Then go away.

Tonites Tues nite fat bike ride is going to be a bit of an expedition ride. SOme of the guys have been riding on our local river and say it great. So I might give it a try but I might back out maybe. I have bad luck on rivers and such ice. Im sure its thick enough to ride on but I just have had bad luck.. I might stay in the woods.  Will see. The snow cant be very deep so maybe its ridable.

I’ll let know know.


Wa da ya think?

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