On Snow


Had a great weekend on snow.

Saturday I was going to be in the store alone so I didn’t ride but had time to ski. So I grabbed the skinny ski’s and headed to the park. Right off the bat I knew it was going to be one of those days when your wax was dead on. CH6 as 25 degrees had the ski’s about as fast as they have ever been. My first thought was too bad I did not have the time for two laps as that has been my meager goal all winter. With those ski’s I could have for sure knocked down 5 miles….

But, is was not to be as I needed to get to the store early. So one quick lap it was. Then to work.

Sunday the temps dropped a bit but the sun was out so it was all good. I called out a beach ride for 11am. Four showed. I had no idea how the beach was going to be as the last time we rode there it was terrible. But near a month had passed and I thought it was time to check it out again.


We were happy to see it was very ridable and fun. Not a lot of ice and a ton of open sand. With the sun shining we didn’t even notice the 8 degree weather. Almost two hours of fun. I think we will do the Tuesday nite ride here also this week.

So all in all a good weekend capped off by heading to our local theater to see The Kingsman. The movie was entertaining enough for me to hold my interest for the two hours.

On my mind now is the Hayward trip in less than two weeks. My wife has decided not to go so I can go sooner as we would have had to wait until she got off of work to leave Thursday. So now Im thinking Wednesday? We’ll see as the time gets closer and I know the weather…..  While I love to ski up there and always took at least an afternoon to do so I just might leave them at home for all bike riding. The groomed trail mileage up there has doubled since last year and I just think Im going to ride the crap out of them.

Its quite a ways away yet for me to be thinking about it so much. Might make for a long two weeks…


Wa da ya think?

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