Birkie Weekend.


Every once in a while I get on a bike rant, like the last two days but Im good now. While bikes are big part of my like they are not the only thing I have. I try not to let the job poke thru too much on this personal blog. I can now and then but there are subjects that I can write pages upon pages and Im sure I get a bit too long winded. Like with fat bikes. So I’ll write today about the fat bike after life.


Soon the snow will melt, temps will moderate making the snow we have soft. And spring will be on the horizon. Then, its time to sell the fatbike and move on to what Im going to ride this summer which will be another post as I can write pages and pages on that also. Today I’ll say I have no idea what model or brand I will ride this year. I will say one or more of them will be a Trek. Its been two years since my demo bikes were Treks. I miss them.

Moving on.

In the winter the store (and I) am in full ski and fatbike mode and that pretty much stays strong until one thing. One organisation in northern Wisconsin controls this areas end of winter stuff. And thats the Birkie. Ive never been up there for this event (of course Im talking about Hayward) and would love to. Maybe someday.

In the past, all the skiers put their bikes away when the snow hits the area and pretty much just ski until the Birkie  sometime in late Feb. Then, after that still ski if possible but break out the bikes again to share the outside time between the bikes and the ski’s. Even if the snow is still good a few will start making the Saturday group ride again.

Then came the Fat BIke Birkie always two weeks later than the ski race. And with that weekend, is when I transition to road miles. Usually riding a old cross bike on sometimes crappy road conditions but that when I start trying to put in base miles for summer.

Sure, a few fat bikes rides will occur but in my mind Im looking for time in the saddle and the more the better. Also thats the time of year I try to work the weight down to summer standards. Much easier to do if I get 15 hours a week on a bike. Now is the time I get big dreams on summer activities and races. I dream of losing a ton of weight and kicking ass on the MTB. Always with mixed results. But I can set a goal.

So two more weeks left and then Im in spring mode. Fat bike will be for sale. Cross, road and MTB will be on my mind.

Tomorrow the temps will rise a bit and I’ll get out on the ski’s Sunday looks like a fatbike ride. Typical weekend for me.


Wa da ya think?

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