Double header Tuesday


Well what do ya know… I got out on the skis this morn. 5 degrees. One lap. I felt good to finally get some activity under my belt. I would have maybe tried a second lap but I had to get back here. But I need to try soon as this snowcover could leave at any time, never to return.

Not terrible.

The conditions were not bad. It seems this is one of those years when you ask about conditions your glad to hear  “not terrible”. I’ll accept that. There were some bare spots on the trail but some nice ones too. We got that 6 to 8 inches two weeks ago and nothing since. So the trails here are on borrowed time. Unless it snows again which you cant count on. Its the middle of Feb and like I said, things will start to turn soon.

But there were plenty of nice spots. Enough for me to keep coming back. I took this pic and had to laugh a little about the snowshoe tracks on the right. This dude(or dudette) walked the entire lap without leaving the ski trail. Its funny how people put on snow shoes and then walk on a path where you could walk wearing a tennis shoes. Looked like about a 30in shoe too. Why you don’t just walk thru the middle of the woods with those things is beyond me.

And if this mornings ski is not enough Im heading out for the Tuesday nite ride. I have not been on my bike since the snow two weeks ago. Its going to get much colder for the next 3 or 4 days so I’ll pull a double header today. Physically it sure cant hurt but I think it will help me more mentally and get me out of the couch rut I was in.

It was cold this morn but the sun was out and 15 minutes into it I was was plenty warm. Tonite it could be close to zero, maybe 3 or 4 degrees. But at nite you can usually subtract 10 for any temp. Without the sun to help its pretty damn cold. With the pending cold(er) temps it looks like nothing will be going on until maybe Friday morn.

Time to hunker down and wait out the next 72 hours.


Wa da ya think?

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