Random Thoughts

The Saturday Night Live 40th last nite was pretty good. Cool to see all the new school doing old school stuff. I don’t watch much TV so not sure why I watched but I did and it was entertaining. Of course skipping the hour that Walking Dead was on. Thats the only show I watch weekly. Most of the time recording it for later. I always wondered why they never ride bikes. They either walk (very slowly) or drive a random car. The bike is perfect transportation for the apocalypse. I would use my Surly Trucker with full panniers. Perfect.

My streak of low ambition continues. I did not get outside all weekend. It was cold but the windows to ski were there. Sunday afternoon was almost in the teens. Its now been a week since I did nay activity of any kind. Inside or out. That shit has to stop. Will put my foot down to myself very soon.

Signs of spring in the store. Sold two bikes this weekend. And a ton of people are already out shopping for one. Thats good news as this was not a good winter for snow sports sales. Terrible in fact.

However, I pretty much nailed the winter stuff inventory this year. In the past Ive bought too much and had to carry the inventory all summer. Or like last year, bought too little and sold out too soon. This year it looks like I called it correctly. Heading into spring I have just a little left and at 25% off should clean up  completely. Thats good.

Its crazy how we have only been skiing for two weeks and the winds of change are turning toward spring. When you get snow so late in the season its true nobody cares. Some of us embrace it and get on a skis as much as we can but for the most part the middle of Feb people are fed up with the cold and start thinking warm weather. This week I will set up my spring bike shipments. To arrive in a few weeks.

Its like a switch is flipped and all of a sudden everyone who walks in is not talking ski’s or snowshoes but bikes…  And it could not come too soon this year.

Myself, I’ll personally try to stay in winter mode until The Fat Bike Birkie on March 7th. After that I will hope the snow melts and the road clear for some road riding. Very little snow this winter should have the woods open early. Pending any crazy March blizzards…. Those are awful. Its cold this week but those days are numbered this time of year. In two weeks its March. How fast the time flies sometimes. In just a few weeks temps will start to moderate. The sun will be higher in the sky and warm things up quicker.

Ive prayed for a early winter now I pray for a early spring. Summer too.

I want it all.


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