Changing Times


I take most of my morning lake fotos from the same exact spot. Some day I should make some kind of album with about 10 of those pics. Its crazy how different they look. Not just in changes of season but how it can change just days apart.

Its been a bad year for beach riding with the water so high now but just a couple years ago we would ride the frozen beach on MTB’s. Way before fatbikes were invented. When I started riding back in 2001 this Saturday morning winter  group ride was already going for years. Many years.

I mention this and its on my mind cuz Im starting to write an article to actually sell to a magazine. Thats crazy!

Its based not on the history if the fatbike, but winter riding in the woods and beach way before the fat tires came along. This new craze of winter off roading was old hat to us. For more that 20 years. The fat bikes just made it easier. And now more mainstream.

beach ride 12-1-07 003
2007 No fat here.

Here we are in 2007. Before anyone even knew about fatbikes. Back in the day we rolled on 2.2’s and dropped out pressure. But not always needed as for many years I rode a cross bike. And I weighed 250 pounds on those skinny tires.


Heres Pinky in 2008. The same bike I ride today, Or same frame anyway. Rode this bike all winter long.

Of course we are on fatbikes now for the most part. And the little beach that we have left is tough to ride with other than a fatbike. But some still do it.

 While our Saturday group rides are no longer on the beach due to high water we still ride the road and a fat tire is not the bike of choice for that particular ride. But any other day or ride is now fat. And very well attended.

Man, just five years ago I was on my pug all by myself. How times have changed.


Wa da ya think?

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