And Its Friday

Another great ski this morn. The sun was out and the temps were moderate at 15 degrees, perfect. Just one lap (2.5 miles) around. Maybe three of four more time and I can shoot for two laps. I did feel better on the skis this time in only the second time out so I hope that continues. I was almost 10 min faster than last time.

How I roll of late.

Skiing is really very good for me in the fact its not riding a bike. My body has become so efficient peddling a bike that its hard for me to burn calories or get a workout in general without crazy intervals. Introducing a new motion to by body has it reeling and asking WTF. Thats good.

So the fat bike (or any other) will be staying in the nice warm store until I get totally sick of this skiing stuff.

The ski’s stay on top my car 24\7 with a change of clothes also. You don’t need a lot of clothes for skiing so its easier in that respect. And you can still park in the garage with the skis on the roof unlike a bike.

Every February my wife and I head up to Door County for a small ski weekend. It looks like thats not going to happen. I don’t think they got this last storm that we did. Not sure on the skiing up there right now. If any.

In a month, we will be heading up to Hayward for the Fatbike Birkie and we always leave a day sooner to ski a little. Maybe if we ditch the Door County weekend we can leave even another day early and make that a four day thing. I would like that.

So this weekend I plan on skiing both mornings. And will give the bikes a well earned rest. Maybe Sunday shoot for two laps. See how I feel.

Either way Im outside and thats good enough for me.

Have a good weekend.


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