First Ski


Grabbed my ski’s and hit the trail this morn for the first ski of the winter.

Another near 3 inches of snow last nite. I might groom again tomorrow morn but it’s supposed to be below zero in the morning hours. But I for sure could work on the trails base a bit more. The better the base the longer the trail holds up to warm temps…

As expected I struggled to get even one lap in. Its been a long time since I skied. Even with the great conditions last year I maybe got out 5 times. Probably close to a year ago. So I took it easy but for sure felt the strain on all my bad joints. I could also feel my weight more so that on the bike. I really need to work on that soon.

It was a nice quiet ski. The trail is in near perfect shape with the little snow we got last nite. The phone is ringing off the hook for ski stuff. People are starved to get outside.

And I feel the same way even tho I get out on the bike maybe 3 times per week its not the same to me as skiing. I need to use muscles other than bike muscles. I don’t cross train per say. So when the skiing comes available I’m on it. Like I said in a prior post, its incredible how we’ve gone from zero to hero with the ski 20150204_092224[1]trails. Its go time.

Even slight uphill like the pic here had me working.

I hope to put in a lap almost everyday now. After 5 or 6 of those days maybe try a two laper. But need to work my way up to it.

While it was a long time in the works Im glad the snow did finally show up and with a good base I hope it hangs around at least a month. Its kinda funny but a lot of people have stopped in to look at bikes just when the skiing is finally here. This retail stuff is just crazy as go’s to show you cant predict anything for sure.

In future issues, we have another Marquette weekend planned in three weeks. Im not so sure Im doing that one. Will be a last minute call for me.

Now that we have snow here I might hold off and save the money for Hayward in March.

Its go time so get outside.


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