Huge ice volcanoes lakeside 845am

When a huge snow blows in from the east, off the lake, we get these huge ice volcanoes. These things are hollow inside and they were not there Saturday morn. Its nuts what mother nature can do in 24 hours.

Just 3 days ago I was ready to write off winter. I still had storage wax on my ski’s on Feb 1st. Bare ground and grass. Then, we get winds off the lake pumping up the snow machine and as far as snow sports go we went from 0 to 100 in seconds.

Grooming ski trail 245pm

Yesterday I put in an afternoon building the ski trails in the park. The amount of snow out there was more that I had just 10 miles south at my house. In just one day we went from no skiing to pretty much the best I can rememeber.

And just like that this winter totally redeems itself.

Im a winter guy. I love it. While other cyclists dream of moving south to Tucson I dream of moving north to say… Marquette. But a winter without snow is very depressing. Your activities drop like a rock. Some people head inside to burn calories and thats just not me. But when a real winter finally shows up Im pumped, ready to go and pretty much in the woods before most people.

Thats why when this fat tire bike thing came around Im sure I was the first to get one in this area. At least between all the people I know. Just another way to enjoy the winter. And these bikes are not just winter bikes anymore but thats a post for another day. Tonite is another Tuesday nite fatbike ride and the woods might still be too deep for me to ride so this might be the last for awhile and now will do a nite ski instead.

Of late, the fatbikes were getting a workout. Very little snow had the trails wide open to ride. Now… the bike has to compete with the ski’s. I have not skied yet but plan on doing so. I took the storage wax off my ski’s yesterday after I groomed the park. Its game on. Tomorrow morn for sure.

Hayward 2013

The cold never bothered me anyway.

Im am in fact not a very good skier. I suck actually. Its classic for me. No skating. I fall down enough as it is. I provide entertainment for the others but I don’t mind. Its just another way to be outside and thats good enough for me. And I could not be happier now that there is finally snow on the ground. After being in Marquette a few weekend ago I was kinda bummed to return home to bare grass.

And this snowfall could not have come at a better time, well, last month would have been better but I was gaining weight hand over foot with the lack of movement. I actually was thinking of riding a bike that did not move. I was just days away from pulling out the spin bike. But that machine is up in storage and thats where it will thankfully stay.

Get outside.


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