Snow! Finally.

Sunday. Deep snow. Finally.

At first they (weather dudes) said the storm was going way south. Chicago got called out for a foot. But 150 miles north by us it was only an advisory. Maybe two inches.

Then something magical happened. The lake got cranked up with the east winds and added 4 or 5 to that. Along with the blowing we had ourselves a bit of a blizzard. So what does a guy like me do? Call out a ride and hit the woods.


At times almost a complete whiteout.

Ive got a few tax issues I need to get in the mail today but after that Im headed to the park for some ski trail grooming. I checked it out this morn and it should end up pretty good. I’ll start around 1pm today and work into the nite. It wont be perfect but will be 100% more than we had this winter to date. I might even take the storage wax off my ski’s.

Anyway, it snowed all day Sunday. Saturday I did get in a road ride with my cross bike. About 30 miles. It hurt a bit but thats OK.

As the pic show above I did get out on Sunday but the deep snow had me bail early while others continued. Lots of drifts and lots of hike a bike. The huge snow might kick us out of the woods for awhile as we do not machine groom the bike trails. In time it will get rode in. However on Sunday when I bail and headed back out after 20 minutes our tracks were already blown over. Covered up that fast, it was windy.

As I headed out to the park I could have taken a ton of pics but the look like the several hundred pics I have with trees covered in snow. So I refrained. I did notice the strong east winds made huge ice “volcanoes” along the lake. I’ll see if I can get a pic of some of those tomorrow.

I’d better get to work if I wanna get out on the groomer later….


Wa da ya think?

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