Two Winters Not Alike

Its Friday and I have no set plans for the weekend. Not sure how much help I’ll have at the store for the group ride.

Today as I drove to the park I just thought about the huge difference from last winter to this one. Last year the talk was all about the lake freezing over. At one point it was estimated ar 94% ice and was just one percent away from a record.

file foto last feb

Today there’s no ice. I remember last year taking this pic showing the ice out as far as I could see. This morning a watched some winter surfers out on the waves. I looked at ski trail pics I took last year. All snow with a base of over a foot. Today its bare grass.

I sure hope that means a better spring. The warmer lake should help. The lack of snow should dry things out quicker.

Thats said, its only the beginning of Feb. We could get dumped on in March. When nobody wants it. I was considering getting a sale going for all remaining ski stuff but its just way too early for that. Its just been a terrible winter for snow sports. So far. But with the winter about 3\4th over it might already be too late. People move on very quickly as I do. Im already thinking bikes. I hope it snows and those thoughts go away for awhile. because thinking about bike stuff in Feb is like thinking of ski stuff with no snow. But its a bummer when you can’t do any of those things.

Thats one of the best things about the fat tires. Snow or no snow. Its like back in the day I got fed up with the lack of snow and traded my snowmobile for a 4 wheeler. That was one of the best decisions I ever made in that respect.

Fat bikes save crappy winters.

Have a good weekend.



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