MQT (part two)


For the most part I come to Marquette to ride or race bikes. But there just is something about that town I like. Its got a vibe I can feel. On weekends when Im there I spend some time just driving around. I live on the Lake Michigan shoreline but for some reason the Superior shoreline is just a bit cooler. And Ive never seen the northern lights up there yet. And I hope to someday. Ive seen the pics and its amazing. Not sure how I would act if I saw that…..

The lake snow is DSCN4529crazy. I stood on the beach Saturday morn and watched a snow squall come in. You can see it for a long time. Far away at first. But then as it gets closer you can’t see far away things anymore. Like a fog coming in but its a wall of snow. Then it gets close and you see a few flakes and then its snowing so hard you cant see more than 50 feet in front of you.

As fast as it hits it stops and the sun comes out. I saw this at least 3 times when I was goofing around. And it snowed on and off every time we rode. Very cool.

Its a college town so there’s plenty to do at nite if you’re into that sort of thing. Local breweries and great restaurants and coffee shops pretty much feeding off the school. And when you get tired of the same old trails you don’t have far to go to hit other systems. Tons of them up there. Really no need to be in a house.

Ski racing into town.

There was also a ski race going on last weekend. The Nokie also had a fat bike race to go with it. Only one of us raced as the others just wanted to ride. The pic above shows how they laid snow across the streets as the skiers raced right into town. They kinda sorta ski along the same area the the O2S bike race is on.  As we rode the north trails on Saturday we watched many skiers finishing. Some looked more tired than others. I have not skied once this winter. Even on my best winters I could not ski the 50k that some were doing. Some of the faster skiers seemed to be doing 20mph as they skied into town. A guess about 1200 participate.

File foto Aug 2014 MQT ore dock.

Even my big ship hobby gets a shot in the arm. These babies are coming into the ore dock there all summer long. There is none this time of year as the Soo Locks are closed. But anytime Im in town in summer has me watching the big boats come and go. Add all these things up and its for sure a place I could live.

All this extra stuff is on top of the great riding and skiing there. Im my mind Im planning another trip in a month. Its slow at the store this time of year so I guess I’ll see if I can afford it at the time. One thing is for sure, I need to come up here way more. Wheels are turning in that regard. This is only my second time in winter, all other visits have been spring or the O2S in August.

One more post on the weekend tomorrow.


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