Heading Up in Morn

Beautiful lake this morn. 810am

Nice quiet visit to the park this morn. Checked out the ski trail and its not good. Just not enough snow. Very soon I will have to start thinking spring and ditch this sad winter. Too soon.

Today is packing day for Marquette. Im sure your sick of hearing about this weekend. Its kinda a big deal to me. I don’t get out often. Its been 5 months since I stayed out of town. Its been a long boring winter to date.

Its been so long that Im actually a bit nervous. Not sure why. Ive made the drive up to Marquette many times. Which I love to do by the way. Hugging the lakes coast almost all the way up. Then, once you turn west away from Lake Michigan its less than an hour to the coast of Lake Superior. Very much a cool drive to do. 4 hours go by quickly.

When I leave the store tonite I will have all bike stuff packed, bike on the roof. When in winter I never use the hitch rack. The bike gets blasted with all the road grim. Once on the way back from the first Birkie I had the bike in back and when I got home I could not even see the bike thru all the snow and salt. But up on the roof it stays relatively clean. I’ll put up with losing a gallon or two per mile. Tonite I’ll pack my personal stuff, and first thing in the morn I’ll start heading up. Im heading up alone and the rest will join me Saturday around noonish. I just needed the extra day for myself.

Im not going to be in a hurry. Unbelievably, the temps when I get there will be 35+. Such a ill timed warmup. So when I arrive around noon I most likely will not get out on the trails. At least not the machine groomed ones.  And the temps do not head back down below freezing until noon on Saturday. With falling temps starting then. Our best shot at the trails will be Sunday morn with lows dropping into the teens Saturday nite.

So just like last year maybe its north trails Saturday and south trails Sunday. And have no idea for Friday.

So not the best scenario heading in. But should be manageable.

I most likely wont post tomorrow but I will have my notebook with me if the hotels wifi is working decent.

Better get to work, lots to do here before I leave. See ya up in Marquette.


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