The Best Of…..

The best nite ride to date.

What a great ride last nite. The snow was perfect. Not a lot mind you but it sure felt good to actually ride the bike in snow. Pretty much the first time this winter. At least the first time in good snow.

We had around 12 bikes total. Im leading in the pic above on my green machine.  I still say Im glad I have the Bluto fork. It does make a difference for an old fat guy like me.

Today I officially start the prep for Marquette. Bike comes off the car and tuned. Pack all the tools and stuff I hope I dont need. Got the oil changed in the car this morn. Start prepping the store for two days without me. Mostly setting up ski rentals for the weekend.

Looking at the weather up there, it looks warm on Friday. 35+ for temp. Not sure if I’ll get on the trails when its so warm. On Friday I’ll get up there just after lunch. If the temps are up I’ll hit the north trails instead of the machine groomed South. I think Saturday morn will be OK if I go early enough. Saturdays high is up there too but it should stay under 30.

The guys will get there about noonish Saturday. If its too warm then also we can hit the north trails and watch the skiers come in. I think the best ride will be Sunday morn. Temp in the teens along with wet snow from the higher temps the day before could mean racey trails. Hope so.


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