More Fatbike Thoughts

Woke up this morn to snow. The weather 20150120_083052[1]dudes called out about a inch and we got close to 3 by my house. Sometimes I like it when they are wrong. I drove out to the park this morn (as I do everyday) to look at the trails. Still not enough to groom but there is another system coming thru Wednesday nite so I will leave Thursday morn open to groom if needed. This is wet heavy snow.

It looks like the Tuesday nite ride might be kinda cool tonite with all the snow in the trees. Tonight’s ride will be the last in Wisconsin for me until after the weekend. Tomorrow the bike gets a once over and then loaded for Marquette. As time passes (very slowly) this week its for sure Im leaving Friday morn. And Im actually thinking about leaving Thursday nite now…..

The bike on my car in the pic was my 9zero7 from two years ago. The new owner is letting someone use it for the upcoming weekend. Sadly, the new owner does not ride it a lot.


Here I am riding it in 2012. Marge lite wheels. Tires were Surley Knards and the had just came available when I got them.

This was way back 3 years ago when you had to build your fat bike. This was the first aluminum frame bike I had and sold. Back then, you had to know what parts to use. You had to know which crank\BB combo worked or was lighter than others. You had one maybe two rims manufacturers  to choose from. Maybe three cranks. Back then we used a 100mm cartridge BB with either taper or splined arms. A builder really needed to do his\her homework to get all the parts to talk to another.

Back then there were only a few dealers even messing with this. Less than what you could count on one hand. We were considered “experts” with these bikes. We built them up.  We rode them a lot. A group ride consisted of 3 maybe 4 bikes. Times have changed.

Now you can buy these bikes anywhere, from any dealer. Now a dealer no longer needs to worry about how to build up a bike. They come in a box like any other bike. Now every dealer is an expert on fatbikes. You can even buy them at Walmart or MC Sports. Now a group ride is 15 bikes. Or more.

When the big manufactures got into these bikes was then end of the store that was “an expert” with fatbikes. Now its like saying a store is an expert with hybrids. Sure, some stores know more about fatbikes than others, and that we were into it early on Im sure helps a little.

But Im not complaining at all. The snowball is rolling downhill and the popularity is growing 100% per year. And its all good. Heck, we have a rider in our group on a MC Sports Mongoose and he’s having a blast on his $899 bike.

One thing you will see next fall is the cost of the bikes dropping. The level of components dropping along with it. I think all the big brands (Trek-Specialized) will have a sub $1000 bike next year. Most likely 9 speed but a very rideable bike.

I better run, time to open the store….


Wa da ya think?

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