Weekend Report


Not a bad weekend. Kinda strange but not bad.

1) The weather was weird. 45 degrees on Saturday and almost 40 on Sunday. What pathetic little snow we had for skiing is gone. And none in the forecast. This winter has to be close to the least snow in the history books. At least for this area. The real kicker is that there was good snow 100 miles south and 100 miles north. Isnt that a kick in the ass.

2) Between Saturday and Sunday I put on 50 miles on the road. Thats a good thing. 30 on Saturday riding the Trucker and 20 on Sunday morn on the cross bike. But it was not all good. I realized that my fitness\weight is not as bad as I thought. Its worse. I will struggle greatly next weekend. In fact Im almost 100% (so that would be like 98%) sure Im going up Friday morn to try and get a ride in a day before the others arrive in Marquette. Im pretty sure I will be riding solo anyway. Im pretty adamant about one guy not holding up 10 so I’ll almost insist on it. It is what it is. I’ll still have fun. After all, it is Marquette.

3) The football game. Most of you dont know but there was I time I was going to be in football. Not as a player but in management. I studied the game from that perspective but dropped it after some time. Anyway, I can assure you that yesterdays meltdown was bad playcalling\coaching on both sides of the ball. But mostly defence. I’ll explain: the Packers are not a team built to protect leads. They either need to go full steam ahead or they don’t function correctly. Kinda like a fancy carbon cross country bike. Its made to be ridden fast. The Packers are made to be played fast. Try to slow things down and the timing changes. And bad things happen. Thats all I have to say about that. Its a shame.

4) Im pretty exited about the upcoming weekend. Bad fitness and all its been a long time since I left town. I think the last time was Sept for the bike race in Hayward. Pretty much been working 7 days since. So just getting away helps.

Im sure I will say this a few more time this week. Sorry bout that…


Wa da ya think?

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