Pending Weekend

Marquette,MI Jan 12th 2014

I had no pic this morn so I’ll post this one from Marquette last January when we were up there.

Its only a four hour drive but it might as well be thousand. Everything is different. We would never get a sunrise this red back home. Ours are always yellow. Not sure why. Not sure how things are so different there. I live along Lake Michigan. Marquette is along Lake Superior.

You would think the towns would be close but its not. I think they have better summers and for sure better winters.

Anyway, moving on. Planning the group ride tomorrow morn. Not sure about the help I will have in store (dont get me started) so not sure if I can do the entire ride or have to flippit. Most likely will take the cross bike, I have no intention of riding the beach. And thats just the way it been of late. Last Tuesday was a tough beach ride on a fattie. Let alone a cross bike. I for sure can use the miles.

In the back of my mind Im thinking about the spin bike upstairs. Hopefully that thought will stay there. Only as a last resort.

Sunday Im not sure but will be a fatbike ride in the woods. Packers play in the championship game in the afternoon so Im not sure on the time, but sometime.

Other than that nothing else on tap. Cant believe a week from today my bags will be packed. You will get sick of hearing about this. But I wont get sick of talking about it. Remember, I don’t get out much…


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