Marquette (more)

Today I have to make all the calls up there to make sure the rooms and rentals are good to go. This thing has exploded. I was thinking 7 or 8 guys and now its up to 14. Some first time fat bikers.

Heading up for this.

That could pose a problem with fitness levels if we try to stay together but I think no way is that possible. For the most part we have a main agenda for both days but some will most likely do their own thing and thats fine.

In fact Im not sure how I will fair. I guess Im prepared to ride alone quite a bit as Im in quite poor fitness and weight. I dont expect everyone to wait a lot. And thats just the way it is. I might even drive up myself to better keep my options open. I hope to hang with the group as much as possible but it just may not work out the best.

I ride solo quite a bit so this wont be anything new. Except it will be on the Snowbike trails of Marquette and if Im riding alone it wont be so bad. Im pretty pumped and hope the trails are in good shape. Last year it snowed 8 inches the nite before we got there and the trails were soft. Again, at the mercy of the weather and snow conditions.


Im still trying something new on the bike. Ive tried Barmitts once before and did not like it but Im trying one more time. This time with larger ones. I almost never get cold hands but my theory is that I can wear a thinner glove with these.

If your prone to cold hands these things are a no brainer. But my hands never get cold and its the thinner glove Im shooting for. I’ll should get outside with them at least twice before I head north.

They look clunky to me. But work well.

Other than that not a lot today. Have a few fatbikes coming in today and need to put them together.


Wa da ya think?

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