Yesterday and This Morn.

Last nite.

So all in all yesterday’s bike rides did not go so well. I mentioned in the morning the trails were just too soft and now the snow is deep enough to make you suffer.

We only got half a lap in. Granny gear all the way. It was still a bike ride tho…

And not such a big deal as we had the Tuesday nite ride scheduled to hit the beach. I pretty much thought the beach was going to be crappy but it was better than I expected. So one ride was not as good as I thought and the second one was better. It evens out.

I did not get a long ride in last nite due to my zipper breaking on my jacket. I hate when that happens. So I had to ditch my riding jacket and throw on my fleece street jacket. And that was just not working out to well.

It was just too thin to use on a nite ride at 10 degrees. I hung on as long as I could but flipped after 20 min out, so a 40 min ride.

It seemed to be a nice ride. Temps were above zero and there were a few bad spots but a lot of ridable beach. This morn I took my jacket to get a new zipper. $31 bucks. Those things sure got expensive since the last time I needed one. I do have another jacket to use. That one was at home last nite.

This morn…

This morn I went back out to the park to touch up the ski trail but there is just not enough snow. I tried to lay some track but to no avail. We just need more snow. Looking at the 10 day, not much on the horizon. In four weeks people just will not care anymore and this winter will be a bust. Just four weeks away. Thats very depressing.

Ive had two people stop in for road bikes this week. Im trying not to think spring so early but its getting hard not to of late.

I’ll do a little more work on the Marquette trip. I just threw that in so that I make sure to mention it every day until we leave.

Looking forward for sure.


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