A Present

Woke up to a little present today. A full inch of new snow. Unpredicted. This is our version of lake snow. What Marquette gets in feet of lake snow20150113_073056[1], we get in inches. But I’ll take it.

Looks like I might head out to the park in the morning tomorrow to touch up the ski trail a bit more. Still not enough to call it good but every little bit helps.

This morn I headed out to the woods on the fat bike. I was pumped as the new soft snow would make thing very winter ish and I was not disappointed. However the trails I rolled on were not rode in a lot and it was slow going on a trail that was one tire width wide.

Very slow going. Fat biking is prone to bad snow days like any winter sport. Just cuz that tire is 5in does not make it indestructible in deep snow. You still have to peddle it.

When I say something to the effect that the snow was hard to peddle in I get looks like “what? Thats a fat bike right? You must be doing it wrong”. Maybe I am sometimes but you are still under the mercy of the trail. Much like cross county skiing if its ungroomed and too deep you will suffer.

Now there seems to be a contingency against a groomed trail. I hear if its groomed you might as well ride a MTB. Well, yes and no.

As I said before, there are two types of fat bike riders. The groomed trail riders and the expedition riders.

The groomed trail bikers love a fast flowing hard as rock trail. Thats kinda me. I love a fast groomed trail thru the woods. Visually, its like cross country skiing but your on a bike and not falling down as much (maybe thats just me).

A 3 foot wide groomed trail that flows summer fast thru the snow in winter is a feeling I love. Its a blast.

Then you have the expedition riders. These guys have the absolute fattest tire\rim combo you can put together. They roll in granny gear and stomp on their bikes like they have snowshoes on. Off the groomed trail and right thru the deepest snow. We have a few of those guys in our group. We are riding in a straight line down the trail and they are 20 yards off somewhere breaking their own trail. And if you can do that more power to ya. I cant. I need a solid surface to ride on. Or just a rolled in trail.

However, you need to be careful with these guys. While they have the skill and equipment to blaze their own way they also are the guys who end up walking their bikes more. I once went on such a ride with a few of these guys and ending up walking more than I rode. I hate having to walk my bike. Personally I think I have no reason to be somewhere I cant ride a bike when Im on a bike ride. But it happens with this genre of bike riding.

Its not that I hate blazing trail, its just Id rather be riding my bike on a fast smooth trail. Personal preference I guess.

Less than two weeks until Marquette and Im getting pretty pumped. We are up to 11 riders as of today. Thats quite a group. I’ll be pretty much talking about that until the day we leave…..


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