Weekend Update


Its crazy how fast the ice formations build up. This was not here last friday. We wont be getting wet anymore on the beach rides but its rough going riding on the icy snow. Very rough. Once again I will be happy to have that Bluto fork on my Farley 8. While the consensus is that you just dont need a fork on a fatbike that will turn around as soon as there are more of them. Its just plain nice on the rough stuff. At first I thought it will be for the summer riding but Im coming to the conclusion that its nice in winter too. We dont ride perfectly groomed trails all the time. In fact maybe 20% of the time max. So yes. The fork is nice on a fatbike.

Will be on this beach sometime this week.

I did get out to roll down the ski trail. Id say its at about 50%. We need more snow. Also some time this week when it gets warmer I’ll pull the groomer around once or twice just for good measure. Its doesnt hurt to work on the base a lot. You really cant over do it in that respect.

Selling at swap meet.

Saturdays swap meet went just OK. Nothing spectacular. It seemed like less money was spent overall. At least thats what it looked like to me. But… its a venue to purge all the crap laying around the store. While you don’t get a lot for the stuff its more than you get having that stuff sit in a box somewhere. You would be surprised at what people buy for one dollar. Pretty much anything. But every year I say I will never do it again. Its about 15 or so hours of work for me beginning to end. I would not want to grab a calculator and look at the dollars per hour. That would end it for sure.

Sunday was a local fat bike ride as planned. I sure can notice the group getting bigger. IN the past I call out a ride and 4 or 5 show. Now its 10 to 12. Such is progress.

Not that the swap meet project is finished I will concentrate on the SBC Marquette weekend. Lining up hotels and bike rentals. Looks like a nice crew of about 15 going. More on this as it unfolds I guess.


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