Last winter.

Will wonders ever cease. We finally got some snow. This morn I was out at the park rolling in the ski trail. Not quite enough to set tracks but enough to get the ball rolling. Its -3 right now and the snow would not set up anyway. Maybe next week when its in the 20’s I’ll give it a go again.

The pic is from last year. This is the rig I use. No where near that much snow today. Last year was a good year. This year is not. Hopefully we will get a couple more inches soon and that should be good enough to ski.

Today in the store Im packing up for a big swap meet in Madison. Its the biggest of its kind in the State and I go every year. I only get pennies on the dollar for the stuff I sell but at least its a venue to purge all the old and unwanted things. And its kinda fun.

So I’ll be packing and pricing stuff.

That takes care of my entire Saturday so the next bike ride will be Sunday. And that will be in the new snow. I cant wait!

The swap meet took most of my last few days buy as soon as its over on Monday I will start planning the SBC Marquette weekend. Its looking like Jan 24\25. In two weeks. We could have as many as 15 going up. It should be a good time.

More on that next week.

Have a good weekend.


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