Cold Ship


Its flippin cold. Double digit neg last nite. But looks like it will get above zero today. This mornings pic shows a ship passing thru the steam. When it get so cold Michigan is nothing but steam and fog. Its the US Roger Blough heading up to Canada. That ship does not come this way a lot. The Great Lakes are full of these ships hauling ore to the auto plants in IL\IN before the freeze sets in. 3 or 4 pass per day now. Actually, there was another ship right behind it, following it up north.


Those are not clouds. Thats fog\steam. When it gets very cold you see this. I assume the ships then run just out of it where I can then see them better. Its just another phenomenon that this lake produces. Very cool when the sun shines on it like that.

We are waiting for some snow to hit today. Some say 1 to 3, some say 2 to 4. I say I’ll believe it when I see it. I have very little hope pertaining to the snow. Looking at the radar right now it looks like almost nothing. Which would be par for the course this year. However, it we get 2 or more inches I will head out to the park to at least roll in the trail. At least its something. I wont set any tracks but put in a half assed attempt at starting a base.

Whatever. Stay warm.


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