NIte Ride 8 Degrees.

Another successful nite ride in the books. Temps about 8 degrees (its -7 right now) had it comfortable. Thats 2 degrees more than last week. Some of us were DSCN4472even over dressed. You would think thats not possible.

It was nice to ride in snow for really the first time. It was enough snow to make it a fat bike ride as a MTB would have struggled. As I mentioned yesterday I was glad to get a bit of reprieve from the temps for one last ride before the polar air settled in this morn. Pretty much no riding now until the weekend. The high temps will not get above zero the next two days.

The Tuesday nite ride has worked out well this fall\winter. I think we missed maybe three since October. Mostly due to rain and muddy conditions. Its been years since we have done that many.

And I was again reminded about my weight\fitness. And that its bad. I led the group for the first 30 min and I was close to the edge while everyone else was talking amongst themselves. I will say to my defense I am a few easy pounds down. But running a calorie deficient lifestyle has its side effects. Like getting your ass kicked on the bike. I had no power whatsoever. And thats just the way its going to be for awhile. I dont mind.

The Marquett10917401_10203455236767726_2224659399384458202_ne trip is now less than three weeks away and Im convinced I will be riding solo behind the group most of the time. Thats just the way it is.

Hopefully I will make some sort of headway before I get there. Anything is better than nothing.

The rest of the week will pretty much be just hunker down and wait out the cold snap. Looking forward, it looks like temps will moderate to the 20’s next week. No real snow coming but whatever we have now will stay. I have yet to work on the ski trails this winter but with a couple inches more I will start to work on the base.

Need more snow. Bring it on. Please.


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