Marquette trails yesterday.

Putting together another Marquette trip. This one looks bigger than last years. Its looking like Jan 24\25. And thats also the same weekend as the Nokie ski race. Thats a big deal up there. Thousands show up. And also they put on a fatbike race on Sunday of 20k. So I picked that weekend just because that town should be rockin’.

I have a block of 5 rooms set up and I cant believe I found those for that weekend. The hotel isn’t the best so maybe thats the last one to fill. Anyway, its good enough for us guys and not too expensive. So all 5 rooms are already taken and now some are starting to double up too. Should be fun. I cant wait.

So that will be the January trip. Its just three weeks away! I have another trip planned in February up there too but right now its optional. I usually go up to Door County with my wife skiing in Feb sometime. Will see about that one. Slow time in the store so I don’t have a ton of travel money…

The only other trip that is firm is of course the Birkie on March 7th. Another block of 5 rooms set for that one.

It will be nice to ride a fat bike on what its made to do. I have yet to ride the bike needing any float whatsoever. I don’t mind the summer riding at all but at some point I need to ride on snow like those bikes were intended. Blasting a groomed trail is a feeling you need to experience to describe. You are over the river and thru the woods in feet of snow but the trail beneath you is rock hard and summer fast. Very cool and really the reason I love these bikes.

Still, here as of today we have missed out on any snow. Very disappointing. Its been snowing just 100 miles north a ton, and now 100 miles south. Just not any to speak of here. In about 5 weeks people wont care anymore. They will be looking forward to spring and even the best end of Feb snows get ignored. 5 weeks is not a long time from now.

Could we miss winter here altogether? And by winter I mean snow. Its plenty cold. Like 0 right now. But the temp will rise all day to about 9 this aft so Im trying the Tuesday nite ride. Anything above zero is fine. After tonite, the temp plummets and tomorrow it wont get out of the negatives. Thurs\Fri either. The next above temp looks like 13 on Saturday. I don’t mind the cold, but cold and no snow is a pain in the ass.

I want all of winter. Not just some.


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